Ngau Tau spark machine
Tool - Finite Element Structure Analysis
New Power Supply & Control System
0.05% or less ultralow consumption circuit
HQSP The High Quality Super Polishing Equipment (optional)
Windows interface (optional)


Each aspect of machine must be engineered to be extremely durable and exactingly precise.

Machine Specifications

ITEM UNIT M1060  M860 M645 M540+
Work tank internal dimensions W x D x H (mm) 2100x1350x650 1950x1350x650 1550x1280x620 1100X620X400
Max. workpiece dimensions W x D x H (mm) 1900x800x600 1800x800x600 1400x750x550 820X450X400
Max. workpiece weight kg 3000 3000 2000 1000
Max. electrode weight kg 300 300 300 120
X、Y、Z axis stroke mm 1000x600x500 800x600x500 650x450x500 500X400X350
Maximum moving speed mm/min x,Y axis:1000   Z axis:2000  X,Y axis:2000  Z axis:2000
Table dimensions W x D (mm) 1320x800 1320x800



Distance between plate and table






Machine tool dimensions W x D x H (mm) 2650x2750x3110 2500x2750x3110 2120x2850x3100 1600X2380X2400
Volume of electric cabinet  W x D x H (mm) 650X1080X1750
Machine tool weight kg 10500 6470 5660 2500
Weight of electric cabinet kg 365kg(35A) / 390kg(50A) / 420kg(70A) / 470kg(105A) / 570kg(140A) / 620kg(175A) / 670kg(200A)
Available power supplies type 50A(5.5KVA) / 70A(8KVA) / 105A(12KVA) / 140A(16KVA) / 175A(20KVA) / 200A(24KVA)}  35A(4KVA) / 50A(5.5KVA) / 70A(8KVA) / 105A(12KVA)
Dielectric reservoir capacity L 2400 2200 1600 650
Layout(AXB)(CXD) mm (3830x4110)(3230x3310) (3630x4110)(3030x3310) (3380x4110)(2780x3310) (2850x3180)(2250x2380)
Setting unit increments μm 1 1 1 1
Optical scale resolution μm 1 1 1 1
  • The work tank internal dimensions means the applicable range on the table.
  • Leave about 60cm between the machine and the wall or other machine.
  • Specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to continual research and development.
  • * is optional.
  • Standard Accessories: Fire extinguisher x 1 set, Electrode chuck x 1 set, Linear scale x 1 set, Tools box x 1 set、Flush magnetic base x 1 set, Filter x 2 pcs, Work lamp x 1 pc, Cooler x 1 set.

Optional equipment

ITEM UNIT M2170-2H M1670 M1470 M1270 M1060 M860 M645 M540+
Auto Tooling System 3R (MACRO), EROWA (ITS)
Linear magazine* Electrode No. pcs 4 / 6
Max. Weight of Electrode kg 5
Max. Total  weight of electrode kg 15(Geometric symmetry)
Diameter/Iength mm 65 / 120

Rotary magazine*

Electrode No. pcs 12 / 16 / 20
Max. Weight of Electrode kg 4
Diameter/Iength mm 65 / 120
C-axis Structure   Built-in type
Resolution deg 0.001
Rotation   rpm MOLDMASTER(0~14),3R (0~14), EROWA (0~14)
Max. Eiectrode carrying weight kg 25
Max. Electrode moment of inertia kgcm2 75
Dielectric-fluid Injection/Suction Select 6 / 1
Programmable Flushing Nozzle O
Dielectric-fluid Cooler Unit Std.
Voltage Regulator Unit (AVR)** O
Automatic Back Flushing System O
System Interface DOS / WINDOWS (Touch panel)
Graphite Machining Circuit (MD9) O
Large area Machining Circuit (MD8) O
Cemented Carbide Machining Circuit (MD7) O
Micro-finish / Mirror Polish Machining Circuit (MD4/6) O
Super-low Wear Circuit (MD3) O
High Quality Super Polishing System (HQSP***) NA NA NA M1270S M1060S M860S M645S M540S+
  • Linear and Rotary magazine must use air chuck (3R, EROWA).
  • When variation of the AC power source is +15% over or -10% under, we recommend using AVR to improve stability.
  • The relationship between machining area and surface roughness of HQSP is: 50Ø (Ra 0.15µm), 400cm² (Ra 0.25µm).

Positioning Function

NA:Not available  O:Available
Control System Dos/Windows
Positioning Function C15-A C21-B C21-A Windows
Error Alignment O O O O
Millimeter / Inch Unit Conversion O O O O
Multiple Work Coordinates O O O O
Inner / Outer Measurements O O O O
Edge, Hole/Groove, Plate/Column Center Measurements O O O O
Reference Ball, Electrode Offset Compensation O O O O
Electric Discharge Position (EDP) O O O O
Quick Stop O O O O
Manual ATC O O O O
Multi-jog Simultaneously Moving O O O O

Machining Cycles Functions

NA:Not available不提供  O:Available提供
Control System Dos/Windows
Machining Cycles Functions C15-A C21-B C21-A Windows
Plunge Machining (G111) O O O O
Expand machining (G121) O O O O
Half Barrel Machining (G123) O O O O
Orbital Machining (G131) O O O O
Spiral Plunge Machining (G133) O O O O
Pyramid Machining (G135) O O O O
ISO-GAP Machining (G153) O O O O
Multi-angle Machining (G161) O O O O
CLW/CCLW Helical Machining (G171) NA NA O O
Vector Loran Machining (G181) O O O O
Line/Grid Position (G200) O O O O
Arc/Circle Position (G210) O O O O
Contour Return (G400) O O O O
Reference Plane Return (G401) O O O O
Fast Feed for Positioning (G00) O O O O
2D Contour Machining (G01, G02, G03) O O O O
3D Contour Machining (G01, G02, G03) O O O O
C Axis Indexing (G00 + C) NA O O O
Trans. Machining (G01 + C) NA O O O
Arc Trajectory Machining (G02 / G03 + C) NA O O O
Dwell (G04) O O O O
Work Plane Selection (G17, G18, G19) O O O O
Reference Point Return (G28, G29) O O O O
Work Coordinate System (G54 ~ G61) O O O O
Work Zero Setting (G92) O O O O
Multi-point Machining   O O O O
Electrode Compensation (H Code) O O O O
Miscellaneous Function (M Code) O O O O
Polishing Time Control (Q Code) O O O O