(Taiwan invention patent: I229622)

The High Quality Super Polishing Equipment can be equipped with all of the CNC EDM to become a HQSP EDM

Substantially Increase Luster's Surface Area Limitation.
The maximum working surface area for a conventional machining is only up to Ø 30 mm diameter (Ra=0.12μm ~ 0.2μm) approximately. However the maximum working area for HQSP reaches 400cm² and creates a Rmax=1 ~ 3μm surface roughness.
Apply Graphite Electrode for Luster Machining.
A graphite electrode applied for fine finish machining usually causes too much wear, and is difficult to achieve uniform and fine surface of mold. HQSP features outstanding dispersion performance, permitting luster effect machining accomplished easily.
Increase Fine Machining Speed.
The time required for luster effect machining on HQSP is only 1/2 - 1/5 of that on a conventional machine.
Decrease Surface Cracking.
Cracking depth on a surface machined by HQSP is greatly reduced when inspected by a microscope, which also provides an increased rustproof capability. The hardened structure under the surface with a luster effect machining is uniform, which saves time and efforts in manual polishing operations.

Applicable Dimensions

Mobile phones and related accessories, Twin color parts, PDA keys, digital cameras, and CD players, 3C products such as notebook, TV, Screen of audio box, Deep flake workpieces, Portable game, Backlight panel.