Die Sinking EDM

Electrical discharge machines, as EDM machines in mainland China, are widely used in various mold manufacturing and precision machining. Electrical discharge machining can be processed into traditional mold processing superhard materials and simulation-shaped holes and cavities molds and molds and molds. Parts, usually used to process conductive materials, can be used to process small holes, special-shaped holes, deep grooves, seams, threaded holes and other molds on difficult-to-process materials such as titanium alloy, tool steel, carbon steel, and cemented carbide.

Die Sinking EDM

Self Research, development, and manufacturing of 3D 4 axis simultaneous controller.
The only manufacturer in Taiwan that deploys digital electrical discharge power supply, in order to control precise electrical current rising slope to reduce the electrode consumption.
Uses Fiber-optic communications between the main circuit boards to avoid electromagnetic interruption.
Provides Large Area Machining Circuit、Graphite Machining Circuit, Tungsten Carbide Machining Circuit and Mirror Polishing Machining Circuit.
Enable various type of electrical current waveform: Squared waveform., Trapezoidal waveform., Dual Slope wave and Triangular waveform.
Equipped with both uniform-frequency and uniform- energy controlling circuit.
Up to 90% HQSP EDM machine market share in Taiwan.
Powder-free mirror finish up to Ra 0.15um (10 × 10mm ² below).
High quality super polishing machine models achieves Ra 0.15um (below 26 × 26mm²) with A series, M Series, S series.
Our machines are equipped with linear scales with laser compensation pitch precision of range 1μm, to enhance machine precision.
Elevating work tank technology allows access from 3 sides. For easy access of workpieces and replacement of electrodes.
EDM A series of patents, Taiwan new patented(M373250).
EDM H series with Six axes simultaneous control(X/Y/Z+A/B/C), Taiwan patented(I472394), U.S. patented(US8866035 B2).
EDM H series with W-axis rotary table, Taiwan patented(M418747).
EDM A+ series, it have high-rigidity machine head with high speed pumping(8m/min)
EDM A+ series, it can Multiple workpiece auto-measure to save time for operators
Mobile phone remote-control system(of EDM A+ series).
Optional built-in manual flush back system(of EDM A+ series).

No powder processing and installation needs of the mirror

No powder mirror up to Ra 0.15um (10 × 10mm ² below), must have the environmental requirements:
Processing target width and depth <± 3μm.
No direction sunlight, no heat source near the machine.
Location with appropriate shadow, to avoid radioactive wave.
Environmental temperature at 20±1℃, room temperature variation no greater than 3℃ in 24 hours, room temperature no greater than 1℃ in an hour.
Humidity between 35~75%RH.
Floor vibration speed less than 0.5m/s², vibration wave below 5μm at installation location.
To isolate vibration, it is necessary to have base alignment less than 3. 2mm/m, the base must be away from the other bases more than 25mmm, single side of the machine should be placed outward greater than 400mm.
The machine must be properly grounded, grounding electrical impedance below 10Ω, with 14mm² grounding cable.
AVR must be installed.