Aerospace industry- CNC EDM H Series


Five-axis EDM machine
Six axes simultaneous control(X/Y/Z+A/B/C)
W-axis rotary table
Programmable electrode compensation
Fully encolosed splash guard (optional)
Absolute linear scale (optional)
Automatic back-flushing device (optional)
Digital meter (optional)


MOLDMASTER H-Series five-axis/seven-axis EDM machine, leading the world, innovative aerospace parts machining tools.

Machine Specifications

(7 axes)
(7 axes)
(5 axes,4 channels)
(5 axes,4 channels)
Work Tank Internal Dimensions Ø D x H (mm) Ø 1050x260 Ø 800x235 Ø 1050x260 Ø 800x235
Max. Workpiece Dimensions Ø D x H (mm) Ø 860x215 Ø 610x180 Ø 860x215 Ø 610x180
Max. Workpiece Weight kg 150 150 150 150
Max. Electrode Weight kg 2 2 50 50
X、Y、Z Axis Stroke mm 700x450x450 600x450x450 700x450x450 600x400x400

C、A、B Axes Rotating Degree

deg 180° / 100° / 170° 180° / 100° / 170° 30° 30°
W Axis Rotating Degree deg 0° ~ 360°

Setting Unit Increments

μm/deg 1/0.001°
Optical Scale Resolution μm/deg 1/0.001°
Maximum Moving Speed mm/min X , Y axis:2000  Z axis:3000
Maximum Rotating Speed rpm C , A , B axis:10   W axis : 5
Distance Between Plate And Table mm 150 ~ 600
Table Dimensions Ø D(mm) Ø 750 Ø 500 Ø 750 Ø 500
Machine Tool Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 2800x3000x3300 2200 x 3000 x 3200 2800x3000x3300 1850x2950x3100
Volume Of Electric Cabinet W x D x H (mm) 860x960x1950 860 x 960 x 1950 1360x950x1950 1360x950x1950
Machine Tool Weight++ kg 13000 9000 13000 5800
Weight Of Electric Cabinet kg 500 500 870 870
Available Power Supplies type 35A 35A 35Ax4 35Ax4
Dielectric Reservoir Capacity l 600 600 1380 1280

Layout (A x B) (C x D)

 mm (6900x7700)(5400x5500) (6450x7550)(4950x5350) (7850x7700)(7180x5500) (6480x7200)(5800x4300)
The work tank internal dimensions means the applicable range on the table.
Layout : A x B means (Machine + Reserve space), C x D means (Machine).
Layout is estimated with splash guard installed.
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to continual research and development.
YIHAWJET ENTERPRISES CO., LTD. has outstanding R & D capability. If you have any special requirement, please contact us.

Optional equipment

NA:Not available O:Available
ITEM UNIT H1245(7 axes) H845(7 axes) H745(5 axes) H640(5 axes)
Rotary magazine Electrode No. pcs 12 / 16 NA
Max. Weight Of Electrode kg 4 NA
Diameter / Iength mm 65 NA
Dielectric-fluid Injection/Suction Select  4 / 1
Programmable Flushing Nozzle O
Dielectric-fluid Cooler Unit O
Voltage Regulator Unit (AVR)** O
Automatic Back Flushing System O
Optical Scale O
Graphite Machining Circuit(MD9) O
Large area Machining Circuit (MD8) O
Cemented Carbide Machining Circuit (MD7) O
{Standard Accessories} Micro-finish / Mirror Polish Machining Circuit (MD4/6) O
{Standard Accessories} Super-low Wear Circuit (MD3) O
Please contact us for installation environment.
Rotary magazine must use air chuck (3R-600, EROWA).
When variation of the AC power source is +15% over or -10% under, we recommend using AVR to improve stability.