High Cost-Effective EDM

CNC A-Series EDM

CNC A-Series EDM

The Moldmaster CNC A-Series EDM brings you High Speed, high Accuracy, better precision, and fully automatic elevating work tank, brings a brand new user experience.

Tire EDM

Tire EDM

Specialize for roller, round, tire mold.


Moldmaster High Cost-Effective EDM Service Introduction

Yihawjet Enterprises Co., Ltd. is Taiwan High Cost-Effective EDM supplier and manufacturer with more than 42 years experence. Since 1975, in the EDM Machines, EDM Die Industry, Moldmaster has been offering our customers high quality High Cost-Effective EDM production service. With both advanced technology and 42 years experience, Moldmaster always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

High Cost-Effective EDM


C type EDM machine

High Cost-Effective EDM - High Cost-Effective EDM
High Cost-Effective EDM


Reliability, efficiency, and performance are qualities that dictate the design of Moldmaster EDM.


  • Newly designed high precision head (Z-axis)
  • New Power Supply & Control System
  • 0.05% or less ultralow consumption circuit
  • HQSP The High Quality Super Polishing Equipment (optional)
  • Windows interface (optional)


  • Positioning accuracy:± 3μm / 300mm
  • Repetition accuracy:± 1μm

Machine Specification

Work tank internal dimensionsW x D x H (mm)1300 x 800 x 3801100 x 620 x 2801100 x 620 x 2801100 x 620 x 280900 x 500 x 270
Max. workpiece dimensionsW x D x H (mm)1045 x 700 x 330850 x 500 x 230850 x 500 x 230850 x 500 x 230670 x 350 x 220
Max. workpiece weightkg600400400400300
Max. electrode weightkg120100100100100
X/Y/Z axes strokemm500 x 400 x 400400 x 300 x 350400 x 300 x 350400 x 300 x 350300 x 200 x 300
Max. moving speedmm/minX / Y axis:1000;Z axis:2000
Table dimensionsW x D (mm)900 x 550800 x 450800 x 450800 x 450600 x 300
Distance between plate and tablemm230 ~ 630250 ~ 600250 ~ 600160 ~ 560160 ~ 560
Machine tool dimensionsW x D x H (mm)1700 x 1600 x 22501420 x 1350 x 21001800 x 1900 x 22001470x1370x20601400 x 1320 x 2100
Volume of electric cabinetW x D x H (mm)650 x 1080 x 1750-650 x 1080 x 1750
Machine tool weightkg21301680224018251245
Weight of electric cabinetkg

365kg(35A) / 390kg(50A) / 420kg(70A) / 470kg(105A)

-365kg(35A) / 390kg(50A) / 420kg(70A)
Available power suppliestype

50A(5.5KVA) / 70A(8KVA) / 105A(12KVA)

35A(4KVA) / 50A(5.5KVA) / 70A(8KVA)
Dielectric reservoir capacityl500400400400200


Setting unit incrementsμm11111
Optical scale resolutiionμm11111
  • The work tank internal dimensions means the applicable range on the table.
  • Leave about 60cm between the machine and the wall or other machine.
  • Layout Dimensions: A x B means (machine + reserved space), C x D means (machine).
  • Specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to continual research and development.
  • Standard Accessories: Fire extinguisher x 1 set, Electrode chuck x 1 set, Linear scale x 1 set, Tools box x 1 set、Flush magnetic base x 1 set, Filter x 2 pcs, Work lamp x 1 pc.


Auto Tooling System3R (MACRO), EROWA (ITS)
Linear magazine*Electrode No.pcs643
Max. Weight of electrodekg5
Max. Total  weight of electrodekg15(Geometric symmetry)
Rotary Magazine*Electrode No.12 / 16 / 20 NA
Max. Weight of electrodekg4NA
Diameter/Iengthmm65 / 120NA
C-axisStructureBuilt-in type
RotationrpmMOLDMASTER(0~20),3R (0~20), EROWA (0~20)
Max. Electrode carrying weightkg25
Max. Electrode moment of inertiakgcm275
Dielectric-fluid injection / Suction select4/1
Programmable flushing nozzleO
Dielectric-fluid cooler unitO
Voltage regulator unit (AVR)**O
Automatic back flushing systemO
Operation systemDOS/WINDOWS(Touch panel)
Graphite machining circuit (MD9)O
Large area machining circuit (MD8)O
Cemented carbide machining circuit (MD7)O
Micro-finish / Mirror polish machining circuit (MD4/6)O
Super-low wear circuit (MD3)O
High quality super polishing system (HQSP***)S540SS430SS430ASNANA
  • *Linear and Rotary magazine must use air chuck (3R-600, EROWA).
  • **When variation of the AC power source is +15% over or -10% under, we recommend using AVR to improve stability.
  • ***The relationship between machining area and surface roughness of HQSP is: 50Ø (Ra 0.15µm), 400cm² (Ra 0.25µm).

Machining Cycles-Positioning Function

NA:Not available不提供  O:Available提供
Control SystemDos/Windows
Positioning FunctionsC15-BC15-ABC15-AC21-BC21-AWindows
Error AlignmentOOOOOO
Millimeter / Inch Unit ConversionOOOOOO
Multiple Work CoordinatesOOOOOO
Inner / Outer MeasurementsOOOOOO
Edge, Hole/Groove, Plate/Column Center MeasurementsOOOOOO
Reference Ball, Electrode Offset CompensationOOOOOO
Electric Discharge Position (EDP)OOOOOO
Quick StopOOOOOO
Multi-jog Simultaneously MovingOOOOOO

Machining Cycles-Machining Cycles Functions

NA:Not available不提供  O:Available提供
Control SystemDos/Windows
Machining Cycles FunctionsC15-BC15-ABC15-AC21-BC21-AWindows
Plunge Machining(G111)OOOOOO
Expand Machining(G121)OOOOOO
Half Barrel Machining(G123)NANAOOOO
Orbital Machining(G131)NAOOOOO
Spiral Plunge Machining(G133)OOOOOO
Pyramid Machining(G135)NAOOOOO
Multi-angle Machining(G161)NAOOOOO
CLW/CCLW Helical Machining(G171)NANANANAOO
Vector Loran Machining(G181)OOOOOO
Line/Grid Position(G200)OOOOOO
Arc/Circle Position(G210)OOOOOO
Contour Return(G400)OOOOOO
Reference Plane Return(G401)OOOOOO
Fast Feed for Positioning(G00)OOOOOO
2D Contour Machining(G01, G02, G03)OOOOOO
3D Contour Machining(G01, G02, G03)OOOOOO
C Axis Indexing(G00+C)NANANAOOO
Trans. Machining(G01+C)NANANAOOO
Arc Trajectory Machining(G02 / G03+C)NANANAOOO
Work Plane Selection(G17, G18, G19)Only G17OOOOO
Reference Point Return(G28, G29)OOOOOO
Work Coordinate System(G54 ~ G61)OOOOOO
Work Zero Setting(G92)OOOOOO
Multi-point MachiningOOOOOO
Electrode Compensation(H Code)OOOOOO
Miscellaneous Function(M Code)OOOOOO
Polishing Time Control(Q Code)OOOOOO
Machine Close-up
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