Automatic Back Flushing Equipment

CNC A-Series EDM

CNC A-Series EDM

The Moldmaster CNC A-Series EDM brings you High Speed, high Accuracy, better precision, and fully automatic elevating work tank, brings a brand new user experience.

Tire EDM

Tire EDM

Specialize for roller, round, tire mold.


High-Quality Automatic Back Flushing Equipment Machines Supply Since 1975 | Yihawjet Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Yihawjet Enterprises Co., Ltd., since 1975, is a professional Automatic Back Flushing Equipment | wire-cut EDM machine manufacturer located in Taiwan. CNC EDM, CNC wire-cut machines and 7-axes EDM are masterworks of precision technology with a supreme product quality. The product including: Die sinking EDM, tire mold EDM, aerospace industry 7 axes EDM, drilling EDM, automatic back flushing equipment.

CE and ISO supply of hydraulic servo EDM, power of discharging machining of transistor control circuit, DC servo system avoiding hydraulic servo maintenance. Developed high-speed MOSFET generator system, lowering electrode wear rate to a large extent and increasing machining speed. High performance of "3 axes synchronous discharging technology.

Moldmaster has been offering customers high-quality wire-cut EDM machines since 1975, both with advanced technology and 42 years of experience, Moldmaster ensures each customer's demands are met.

Automatic Back Flushing Equipment


Automatic Back Flushing Equipment - Automatic Back Flushing Equipment
Automatic Back Flushing Equipment


EDM can improve the overall efficiency of 10% to 30%.

System Operation

  • Two minutes silent operation of back flushing, there will be no interference with current job.
  • Customizable, provides multi EDM use.
  • Easy maintenance, just check and empty the dust bag at times. It is recommended to replace the core-filters after 10000~12500 hours.

Machine Specification

Electrical SpecificationsFilterable ParticlesUNIT(Fixed / Mobile)F61 / F61MF37 / F37MF19 / F19M
Number of Core-FiltersPCS613719
Filter Bucket CapacityL175100150
Layoutmm (W x D)720 x 1350720 x 1350610 x 890
Filter Lifespanhr200002000010000
Filter FlowL/sec42.51.25
Filter Periodhr84-
Time of flushing within Filter Periodsec120100-
Filterable Particlesμm111
Electrical SpecificationsKVA220V or 380V / 3Ø 2KVA220V or 380V / 3Ø 2KVA-
  • Specification are subject to change without prior notice due to continual research and development.

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