Advanced Technology Die Sinking EDM

CNC A-Series EDM

CNC A-Series EDM

The Moldmaster CNC A-Series EDM brings you High Speed, high Accuracy, better precision, and fully automatic elevating work tank, brings a brand new user experience.

Tire EDM

Tire EDM

Specialize for roller, round, tire mold.


High-Quality Advanced Technology Die Sinking EDM Machines Supply Since 1975 | Yihawjet Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Yihawjet Enterprises Co., Ltd., since 1975, is a professional Advanced Technology Die Sinking EDM | wire-cut EDM machine manufacturer located in Taiwan. CNC EDM, CNC wire-cut machines and 7-axes EDM are masterworks of precision technology with a supreme product quality. The product including: Die sinking EDM, tire mold EDM, aerospace industry 7 axes EDM, drilling EDM, automatic back flushing equipment.

CE and ISO supply of hydraulic servo EDM, power of discharging machining of transistor control circuit, DC servo system avoiding hydraulic servo maintenance. Developed high-speed MOSFET generator system, lowering electrode wear rate to a large extent and increasing machining speed. High performance of "3 axes synchronous discharging technology.

Moldmaster has been offering customers high-quality wire-cut EDM machines since 1975, both with advanced technology and 42 years of experience, Moldmaster ensures each customer's demands are met.

Advanced Technology Die Sinking EDM


Advanced Technology Die Sinking EDM

Advanced Technology Die Sinking EDM - X-axis travel 500mm, Z axis travel 400mm, Z axis travel 350mm, windows HMI, working tank lift, EDM machine
X-axis travel 500mm, Z axis travel 400mm, Z axis travel 350mm, windows HMI, working tank lift, EDM machine


MOLDMASTER A-Series with high-precision, elevating work tank, fully automated technical support modern high-speed, unmanned production mold.


  • • lift the machining tank.
  • • The new Z-axis high-precision die.
  • • hoisting machine precision.
  • • New power supply and control system.
  • • 0.05% or less ultralow consumption circuit.
  • • Manual slag filtration system.
  • • HQSP gloss processing equipment (optional).
  • • Windows interface (optional).

Machine Specification

Work tank internal dimensionsW x D x H (mm)1175x760x500900 x 620 x 400750 x 530 x 300
Max. workpiece dimensionsW x D x H (mm)1050x650x420820 x 450 x 400550 x 350 x 300
Max. workpiece weightkg1500800500
Max. electrode weightkg10012080
X、Y, Z axis strokemm650×450×450500 x 400 x 400400 x 300 x 300
Maximum moving speedmm/minX / Y / Z axis: 2000
Table dimensionsW x D (mm)1050×650820 x 450550 x 350
Distance between plate and tablemm300~800250 ~ 650230 ~ 530
Machine tool dimensionsW x D x H (mm)3400×1650×27501400 x 2400 x 24001250 x 2100 x 2150
Volume of electric cabinetW x D x H (mm)650 x 1080 x 1750
Machine tool weightkg450025002200
Weight of electric cabinetkg365kg(35A) / 390kg(50A) / 420kg(70A) / 470kg(105A)
Available power suppliestype 35A(4KVA) / 50A(5.5KVA) / 70A(8KVA) / 105A(12KVA)
Dielectric reservoir capacityL1000650600
Layout (AxB) (CxD)mm(3000×4200)(2400×3400)(2650 x 3200) (2050 x 2400)(2500 x 3000) (1900 x 2200)
Setting unit incrementsμm111
Optical scale resolutiionμm111
  • The work tank intimal dimensions means the applicable range on the table.
  • Layout: A x B: (Machine + Reserve Space), C x D: (Machine)
  • Specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to continual research and development.
  • Standard Accessories: Fire extinguisher x 1 set, Electrode chuck x 1 set, Linear scale x 1 set, Tools box x 1 set、Flush magnetic base x 1 set, Filter x 2 pcs, Work lamp x 1 pc, Cooler x 1 set. Manual back flushing equipmentx 1 set (Not equipped with HQSP models).


Auto Tooling System3R (MACRO), EROWA (ITS)
Linear magazine*Electrode No.pcs4 / 5 / 64 / 54
Max. Weight of electrodekg5
Max. Total  weight of electrodekg15(Geometric symmetry)
Diameter / Lengthmm65 / 120
Rotary magazine*Electrode No.pcs12 / 16 / 20
Max. Weight of electrodekg4
Diameter / Lengthmm65 / 120
C-axisStructureBuilt-in type
RotationrpmMOLDMASTER(0~14),3R (0~14), EROWA (0~14)
Max. Weight of electrodekg25
Max. electrode moment of inertiakgcm275
Dielectric-fluid injection/suction select4 / 1
Programmable flushing nozzleO
Dielectric-fluid cooler unitO
Voltage regulator unit (AVR)**O
System interface DOS / WINDOWS (Touch panel)
Graphite machining circuit (MD9)O
Large area machining circuit (MD8)O
Cemented carbide machining circuit (MD7)O
Micro-finish / Mirror polish machining circuit (MD4/6)O
Super-low wear circuit (MD3)O
High quality super polishing system (HQSP)***A645S+A540S+A430S+
  • * Linear and Rotary magazine must use air chuck (3R, EROWA).
  • ** When variation of the AC power source is +15% over or -10%under, we recommend using AVR to improve stability.
  • ***The relationship between machining area and surface roughness of HQSP is: 50Ø (Ra 0.15μm),400cm² (Ra 0.25μm).

Machining Cycles-Positioning Function

NA:Not available不提供  O:Available提供
Positioning FunctionsC21-BC21-AWindows
Error AlignmentOOO
Millimeter / Inch Unit ConversionOOO
Multiple Work CoordinatesOOO
Inner / Outer MeasurementsOOO
Edge, Hole/Groove, Plate/Column Center MeasurementsOOO
Reference Ball, Electrode Offset CompensationOOO
Electric Discharge Position (EDP)OOO
Quick StopOOO
Multi-jog Simultaneously MovingOOO

Machining Cycles-Machining Cycles Functions

NA:Not available不提供  O:Available提供
Machining Cycles FunctionsC21-BC21-AWindows
Plunge Machining(G111)OOO
Expand machining(G121)OOO
Half Barrel Machining(G123)OOO
Orbital Machining(G131)OOO
Spiral Plunge Machining(G133)OOO
Pyramid Machining(G135)OOO
ISO-GAP Machining(G153)OOO
Multi-angle Machining(G161)OOO
CLW/CCLW Helical Machining(G171)NAOO
Vector Loran Machining(G181)OOO
Line/Grid Position(G200)OOO
Arc/Circle Position(G210)OOO
Contour Return(G400)OOO
Reference Plane Return(G401)OOO
Fast Feed for Positioning(G00)OOO
2D Contour Machining(G01, G02, G03)OOO
3D Contour Machining(G01, G02, G03)OOO
C Axis Indexing(G00 + C)OOO
Trans. Machining(G01 + C)OOO
Arc Trajectory Machining(G02 / G03 + C)OOO
Work Plane Selection(G17, G18, G19)OOO
Reference Point Return(G28, G29)OOO
Work Coordinate System(G54 ~ G61)OOO
Work Zero Setting(G92)OOO
Multi-point MachiningOOO
Electrode Compensation(H Code)OOO
Miscellaneous Function(M Cdde)OOO
Polishing Time Control(Q Code)OOO

The process of EDM machining

Automatic Multiple Measurement

Reference Ball offset measurements

Dry Run of EDM

Application with EROWA preset system

Automatic Tool Change)

The remote control system for YAWJET EDM

Synchronization of remote monitoring and EDM machine

Application with Microscope

Machine Close-up
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